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Social Link Feature Guides
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Member Center (Social Link) Feature Guides

There are many new features to explore in the IGCS Member Center and a few things have been moved or changed. These guides should help you learn how to utilize the new member community.

How do I edit my Profile?

How do I update my Profile Photo?

Tell me more about my Profile features (custom web pages, blogs, ect).

Why do I need to make Connections with other members?

What's the difference between a Forum and a Blog and what is the benefit of using them?

How do I subscribe to a Forum?

How do I manage my email notification Preferences?

How do I download the Social Link mobile app to get notifications on my phone?

What is the purpose of Groups? (Why can't I join a Group? How do I start a Group?)


Can't find what you are looking for? Email for assistance or to suggest additional feature guides.