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Current Fundraiser: Daniel Materon swims the Strait of Gibraltar to honor his mother, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Daniel's swim across the strait is scheduled for August 2020. 

About IGCS

IGCS is dedicated to increasing public awareness of gynecologic cancer risk, prevention, early detection and optimal treatment across the globe.

As each region has different needs and challenges, IGCS empowers women, caregivers, and others interested in making a difference with tools and resources to increase their health care autonomy and enable them to act on the specific needs within their community. These needs might include screening and vaccination, access to better care and actual care delivery, funding and support for clinical trials, and research depending on the specific needs of each region.

Our organization is able to continue its mission because of your support and generosity. Your contribution will help ensure that our work to empower women continues.

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Daniel Materon is swimming the Strait of Gibraltar in August 2020 in honor of his mother who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Daniel has generously offered to donate all funds to the International Cancer Society.

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